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So ladies and gents, it’s week three of the no sugar challenge, my Whole30 journey, and my determination to feel good on the foods I eat. In fairness, it’s time to confess: I have not followed Whole30 rules 100%. Not because they aren’t worthwhile. Quite the opposite. But my true goal was to break my habit with sugar — I swear, the damn stuff is a drug. And I feel like crap on too much of it. But I’d be lying if I said I’ve been completely committed to Whole30 the last week — I’ve enjoyed some yogurt, which is a no-no on Whole30 because dairy can cause inflammation and congestion for many. Not for all of us, but for some, it can be the devil, and if you are going to experiment with feeling your best, it can’t hurt to avoid that which might interfere for 30 days. (See a great post on why dairy has pros and cons) But my doctor informed me that to get my imbalanced hormones unclogged (more on that later), I need to change up my macronutrients — more protein, less fat — for a month or two, and see how my body responds. At this point in my journey, I don’t object to experimenting with anything, as long as it has few side effects and makes sense. So I indulged in some high protein Greek yogurt, and it was heaven.

But I’m still off sugar. I’m amazed I’ve made it. Habit drives us, more often than not, and in this case, it’s not just a craving. In fact, while I do have some cravings, they are surprisingly easy to deal with. No, for me it is habit. The habit of dessert — of something sweet. It’s built into our food culture. I was raised eating dessert after every meal — truly, every meal. We’ve allowed it to overwhelm our common sense about sugar, and now we’re consuming more of it that we ever have in history. Don’t get me wrong — I don’t think sugar is evil. Having a little bit isn’t a bad thing. But consuming it in the amounts that we are? Take a look around: how’s it working for us?

In addition, the severe bloating and uneven energy I was experiencing has virtually disappeared. I’m able to eat most foods without any digestive distress. I might not like going without dessert, but my body is a much happier being.

So I intend to continue my no-sugar journey to the end, with no resistance or ill-will. I’m kind of excited actually. And a bit hesitant as I realize that May 1 comes with its own challenges: can I add in even the smallest amount of dark chocolate (my favorite) or honey, without bringing back the old habit? Can I enjoy a bit of dessert on weekends, and not let it get out of hand? Can I feel physically okay on sugar? We’ll have to see.

What is your challenge lately? Have you been successful? Share your experiences and frustrations down below, and what has worked best for your success.

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